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The Relevance Group takes its next step towards becoming a holistic solution provider for data-driven sales and marketing optimization

Hamburg, 10.01.2024

Hamburg-based The Relevance Group further grew its portfolio in January 2024 by acquiring the renowned Dutch market research institutes Markteffect and DirectResearch. Founded in May 2022, The Relevance Group specializes in data- and AI-driven solutions for sales and marketing activities. They range from data-based market research and digital and performance marketing to the acquisition of new customers, customer retention, and loyalty programs. In addition to the two new Dutch market research specialists, the group also includes the Datalogue Group (Hamburg, Zurich, Amsterdam), DataLab GmbH (Düsseldorf), and Converto AG (Feusisberg/Switzerland), each of which contributes unique expertise in the field of data monetization. The Relevance Group, which continues to grow, now has a workforce of over 250 people in total.

Fuel for Sales and Marketing

The Markteffect Research Group is one of the most renowned and innovative providers of comprehensive market research in the Netherlands and consists of the two companies Markteffect (Eindhoven) and DirectResearch (Amsterdam). „The Relevance Group provides companies with the relevant data and information they need to successfully identify new target groups and retain existing customers in the long term in order to organically and sustainably increase their company value. By adding intelligent market research to our portfolio, we are taking a big step, both strategically and geographically, towards our goal of becoming one of the leading European groups for AI- and data-driven optimization of sales and marketing activities,“ says Andreas Hannemann, CEO of The Relevance Group and one of the two founders of Datalogue. „With the wealth of valuable data generated by market research, we can plan campaigns for our clients even more effectively and execute them in a more targeted manner, anchoring them in the relevant set of consumers. The two companies in the Markteffect Research Group bring extensive expertise and an innovative and agile mindset to the table. They are an important part of our value chain and another crucial building block for our growth trajectory.“

„This partnership will benefit both our existing clients and those of The Relevance Group, as we can now offer them integrated solutions in the areas of data analytics, AI, and marketing automation by leveraging synergies. This enables them to optimize their data monetization,“ adds Hesam Fahimi, Managing Director and one of the two founders of Markteffect. „We are pooling the expertise of The Relevance Group to empower companies to remain relevant players in the market.“

Markteffect: solution-oriented and innovative approach

Markteffect is one of the top 5 players among Dutch market research institutes. As a full-service provider, Markteffect focuses on B2C and B2B research in the healthcare, FMCG, leisure, education, and sports marketing sectors and covers a wide range of methodologies tailored to these specific fields. For 15 years, the company has been supporting its clients with strategic consulting based on market research to facilitate decision-making in the areas of marketing, strategy, and growth. Thanks to its solution-oriented and innovative approach, the company was named Best Marketing Research & Analytics Agency 2020 by the Dutch trade association MOA. The company is active on an international scale.

DirectResearch: expertise in brand and product development

The full-service market research company DirectResearch draws on several years of specialist expertise and offers its clients tailored consulting and an agile and customer-oriented approach with a focus on actionable results. DirectResearch specializes in the areas of branding, communications, product development, and innovation as well as employee and customer satisfaction and customer journey surveys. DirectResearch works, together with Markteffect, for clients such as Samsung, Rabobank, Dr. Oetker, or Haribo, but also for organizations such as the Dutch Red Cross (Rode Kruis) or the government (Rijksoverheid).

About the Relevance Group

The Relevance Group, based in Hamburg (Germany), was founded in May 2022 with the aim of becoming one of Europe‘s leading groups of companies for the data-driven optimization of sales and marketing activities. The solutions range from data-based market research and digital and performance marketing to the acquisition of new customers, customer retention, and loyalty programs. The Relevance Group currently consists of five companies: Datalogue Group (Hamburg, Zurich, Amsterdam), DataLab GmbH (Düsseldorf), Converto AG (Feusisberg/Switzerland), Markteffect (Eindhoven/Netherlands) and DirectResearch (Amsterdam/Netherlands). Thanks to its long-standing expertise, strategic acquisitions, and the consistent expansion of its portfolio, The Relevance Group effectively and measurably supports its clients‘ marketing and sales activities, helping them to make their brands and companies more successful, tap into new target groups, increase customer loyalty, and achieve their growth targets.

The Relevance Group is headed by Andreas Hannemann (CEO), Jan Kaeten (CFO), and Peter Joachim Fiegel (CPO). In its expansion strategy, The Relevance Group relies on Ufenau Capital Partners, a renowned private investor group from Switzerland.


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