Our analytical expertise for your business success: Big Data Analytics

What functionalities does DataLab Big Data Analytics offer?

DataLab uses modern analytical methods to extract action-oriented customer knowledge from Big Data to allow you to optimize your business.

What is DataLab Big Data Architectures?

DataLab helps you to plan and implement your Big Data initiatives. Selecting the Big Data technology stack is an important part of the planning process. The challenge is not to lose track of a multitude of technologies, while striking a balance between a focussed, use-case approach and a broader, more long-term one.

Utilize past experiences to ensure efficient campaign planning in the future!

With the Campaign Intelligence Tool, insights and results of past actions are centrally consolidated, comprehensively compresed and compared against each other. The aggregated campaign results are visualized in an interactive dashboard, giving our clients valuable insights for the design and planning of new campaigns.

What is the DataLab Campaign Service?

Are Customer Experience and Customer Journeys drivers for growth for you or just buzzwords?

At DataLab, our DataLab Campaign Service allows you to achieve your strategic CRM goals.With its targeted, efficient customer communication, our marketing automation tool is the antidote to traditional mass marketing approaches

Let our Customer Insight Navigator answer your questions in just a few clicks with easy-to-read reports

What is the DataLab Customer Insight Navigator?

The DataLab Customer Insight Navigator is a web-based platform that visualizes your customer transaction data in the form of dynamic and easily understandable reports. Use the platform to spread customer insights to every part of your organization. It will answer business queries in just a few clicks with the aid of clear reports. Optimize all business areas and monetize your valuable customer data with targeted customer group access for manufacturers.

Put your customer loyalty program to the test

What is the DataLab Loyalty Index?

The DataLab Loyalty Index is our instrument for evaluating loyalty solutions. Here we focus on the central success factors for customer loyalty programmes. Our team of experts are on hand to evaluate your existing programme and to detail its optimization potential. The evaluation is carried out not only from the customer’s perspective, but also from the company’s.


Big Data served bite-sized

What does the DataLab Data Strategy Designer do?

The DataLab Data Strategy Designer collaborates with you to create your own customized Big Data strategy. With the help of use case-based questions we work out the necessary data requirements and the relevant IT & analysis infrastructure. We then prioritize these use cases to draw up your personal roadmap for achieving your Big Data goals.

Your new loyalty program requires a comprehensive and targeted approach from the
customer´s perspective!

What is the DataLab Loyalty Program Configurator?

The DataLab Loyalty Program Configurator is our instrument for creating loyalty solutions. The focus here is on the central success factors for loyalty programs: we collaborate with you to create a customized program specifically designed to meet both your company´s needs and those of its customers.