Utilize past experiences to ensure efficient campaign planning in the future!


The Campaign Intelligence Tool ensures a closed-loop and optimizes future campaign planning and design.

With the Campaign Intelligence Tool, insights and results of past actions are centrally consolidated, comprehensively compresed and compared against each other. The aggregated campaign results are visualized in an interactive dashboard, giving our clients valuable insights for the design and planning of new campaigns.

The first step is to bring together your previous campaign results in a central database and analyze them. These results are then evaluated and aggregated based on relevant KPIs (e.g. participation rates, profile per customer or additional revenue).

Interactive dashboards allow you to select relevant target dimensions and campaigns and to visualize the results. You can choose the optimal campaign parameters in relation to the relevant target KPI.


Time Saving

Efficiencies of up to 30% and work simplification in campaign planning and conception.

Increase ROI

Increase campaign ROI by up to 40% and avoid sunk costs.


Overview of Results

A concise overview of all previous campaigns in one place.


User-friendly and intuitive presentation in an interactive dashboard.


Campaign Optimization

Optimization of campaign planning and data-based predictability of results.


Enable self-service analytics and relieve the analysis team.

“For all companies who need to optimize their campaign planning, the Campaign Intelligence Tool provides a central database for all campaign results and insights. It also allows their visualization via interactive dashboards, while ensuring an aggregated assessment of campaign attributes from relevant KPIs. The Campaign Intelligence Tool closes the gap between campaign reporting and the implementation of new campaigns. It allows campaign managers to utilize learnings from past campaigns to optimize future campaign planning.”

Yana Schneider

CRM Manager & contact for the DataLab Campaign Intelligence Tool, DataLab. GmbH

The Campaign Intelligence Tool...

  • Provides an overview of all past campaigns based on self-selected KPIs
  • Provides answers to every question with a high degree of personalization in the form of freely selectable campaign attributes


  • Provides individual performance measurement in the form of rankings per target group or other relevant campaign attributes
  • Enables deeper analyses per target group with a single mouse click
  • Strengthens the significance of campaign results
  • Measures the vailidity of the campaign results
  • Looks to the future to help you find the best possible campaign combination
  • Provides information on the relevance of individual campaign features and objectives
  • Enables A/B tests with high chances of success
  • Uses predictive analytics to predict the results of campaigns never played before
  • Optimizes planned campaigns according to selected attributes
  • Provides an overview of forecasted campaign results