Lepsien Art Foundation


Art opens up space for new experiences


As a counterbalance to our daily office life, DataLab offers its employees and visitors room for new perspectives and innovative perspectives. By integrating modern art into our office space, alternating artists are given the opportunity to exhibit their images. DataLab also supports the Lepsien Art Foundation through monetary means.



The Lepsien Art Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting art & culture through its programs. It promotes young talents in the field of the fine arts while promoting exchanges between different artists, different cultures and nationalities.

The Lepsien Art Foundation´s aim is to create an open exchange between artists independent of their culture, nationality or gender and to facilitate the access to art for visitors.

“Passion requires commitment – this is Christian Lepsien´s core justification for promoting art via his foundation. For me, other qualities are also decisive for sponsoring the arts:

  • Humility – because the sponsor does not speak, but rather lets the art speak
  • Tolerance – because the sponsor might like everything that artists do
  • Patience – because art does not come on command
  • Instinct and tolerance – to recognize an artist’s potential and to promote their talents over a sustained period of time

One of my main motivations here is also my belief in the importance of sustaining art and culture for my environment and for posterity. “

Maximilian Graf Stolberg

Founder and CEO, DataLab. GmbH

Stephanie Abben

Born in 1976 in Düsseldorf – lives and works in Karlsruhe and in Düsseldorf

1997 – 2009: Studied art history, philosophy and painting in the field of visual arts at the Ruhr-University in Bochum and studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe under Prof. Helmut Dorner and Prof. Meuser

2010: Master student under Prof. Meuser


Thomas Bambey

Born in 1975 in Düsseldorf – lives and works in Düsseldorf

Studied at the Düsseldorf Academy of Art under Prof. Helmut Federle
Graduated as a master student


Die Chancenstiftung – educational sponsors for Germany


Education is the key to success

“Die Chancenstiftung (The Chance Foundation) – educational sponsors for Germany” has been committed improving the educational possibilities of motivated children and young people from financially and socially deprived families since 2009. It provides a nationwide funding program that supports young people in their bid to improve their educational and social abilities and to better prepare them for entry into the professional world. For this, the Foundation awards tuition scholarships.

Thirteen children have been able to participate in funding programs and improve their potential thanks to our team´s contribution since 2016.



„We are very pleased to be a partner of the Chance Foundation in promoting children´s education and in giving them better life perspectives. With our donation, we are investing in the future. This is will continue to be our motivation for supporting this important project as a corporate sponsor in the years ahead. “

Cecilia Floridi

CEO, DataLab. GmbH