Your new customer loyalty programme needs a comprehensive and targeted approach from the customer´s perspective!


What is the DataLab Loyalty Program Configurator?

The DataLab Loyalty Program Configurator is our instrument for creating loyalty solutions. The focus here is on the central success factors for customer loyalty programs: we collaborate with you to create a customized program specifically designed to meet both your company´s needs and those of its customers.

The first step towards creating the perfect programme is to define its strategic direction


What functionalities does the DataLab Loyalty Program Configurator offer?

We use the DataLab Loyalty Program Configurator to create pre-implementation measures, including a collaborative workshop focused on quickly defining the new loyalty program´s features. The foundation for this is based on a 120-point decision matrix, enriched with best practice examples from our extensive experience in creating loyalty programs. We make every decision based on the implications, dependencies, advantages and disadvantages relevant for our client. DataLab supports you in the decision making process, while documenting it at the same time.

Use the DataLab Loyalty Program Configurator:

  • to create individual program elements or a complete customer loyalty program.
  • to define and reward your most valuable customers.
  • to advance the use of customer data in your company.
It’s always hard at the beginning – let’s take the first step together


The DataLab Loyalty Program Configurator is suitable for you if….

  • you don’t yet run a loyalty program.
  • you want to know if a customer loyalty program is the right tool for your business.
  • you are just starting to design your program´s features.
  • you would like to optimize your loyalty program.
“If you have just started running your loyalty program, the DataLab Loyalty Program Configurator will provide the perfect launch blueprint. We aim to collaborate with you to develop a unique loyalty program concept that is individually tailored to meet both your company´s needs and those of your customers. We will develop over 120 elementary program questions based on the results of a series of workshops, supplemented by company-specific features. The answers will form the basis for the relevant functional requirements and will ensure that your unique loyalty program is implemented on time.”
Silke Peters

Head of Loyalty, DataLab. GmbH