Our primary objective is to increase the value of your customers!


What we do

At DataLab, we specialize in making companies have a more successful relationship their customers.

Our first step is to create and optimize loyalty and campaign management solutions that lead to a sustained increase in Customer Equity – the overall value of all your customer relationships. Subsequently, we use innovative approaches to data analysis that allow you to understand your customers better and to address them in a more targeted way. As part of capital activation, we also use a holistic approach to consider the true value of your customer information and derive treatments to optimize your core processes.

„Customer Equity is the total value of all current and future individually developed customer relationships. The aim is to steadily increase a company´s value in a sustainable way.”

Maximilian Graf Stolberg

Founder and CEO, DataLab. GmbH

What is Customer Equity?

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Advice and execution from a single source!


How we work

As an end-to-end service provider in the areas of loyalty and direct marketing, we provide a convincing range of strategic, conceptual and professional consulting services, from operational implementation expertise all the way to a full service “single source solution”.

We show companies the potential and expectations of their customers and serve their individual needs using a range of analyses, from simple to complex. The combination of analysis and implementation is the basis for innovative loyalty solutions.Our entire business is focused on customer centricity. Our goal is to strengthen customer relationships in the long term to ensure a loyal and profitable customer base.

DataLab – Together with you! Effective for you!


Who we are

DataLab is one of the German-speaking area´s leading Customer Equity specialists. Our focus lies in developing the value of our clients´ customers to maximize the financial value of the customer´s loyalty to the brand – always with the aim of creating a measurable increase in the company´s value.

Our clients include renowned, international companies. In addition to facilitating large corporations, we also work with medium-sized companies who put the needs of their customers at the heart of their business strategy. At present, we have more than 50 employees who are all working towards this goal.

Good reasons for successful collaboration!


What makes us different

Our USPs make us a strong partner for your requirements:



We are your independent and specialized partner in the design and implementation of loyalty solutions.



We retain an overview of the entire process: from consultancy to implementation, we remain at our clients´ side as professional partners.



Our flexible, modular approach allows us to react quickly to changes in the market places and to respond according to the needs of our clients.

Proximity to clients

Proximity to clients

We adapt ourselves to our clients’ needs and are available on site for consultation and implementation.



DataLab brings together a network of experts with a variety of sectoral, consulting and project management experience.



Combining analytical and executional approaches allows us to answer all queries to include an operational dimension.

DataLab in a nutshell!


How we express ourselves in numbers

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DataLab. GmbH, Ernst-Gnoß-Str. 24, 40219 Düsseldorf


Where to find us


DataLab. GmbH

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