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sectoral expertise

Project Example: REWE


To design and create a card-based loyalty system; support in connecting to the multi-partner customer loyalty program PAYBACK.



Realization of a customer loyalty program to support REWE on its path to becoming a customer-centric organization. This also included the design of the relevant strategic and operational measures to meet this goal. Having created and implemented a pilot stand-alone loyalty project, DataLab facilitated the integration of REWE GmbH into the PAYBACK coalition loyalty program in the areas of direct marketing, ATL and BTL, IT architecture and solutions, project and change management/ organization.


“Without the dedication and experience of DataLab´s team of experts we could not have implemented the REWE PAYBACK loyalty card as quickly and as successfully as we did.”

Jérémie Vilain (Head of Customer Loyalty at REWE Markt GmbH)

Project Example: So1


Upgrade of an anonymized, card-based loyalty concept with individual discounts based on the purchase history. Support in the further development of the program concept and the expansion of the catchment area.



After the successful pilot phase, DataLab assisted So1 in designing the loyalty concept, campaign management, in integrating advertising media and in project management. In addition, DataLab was responsible for integrating the terminal system within this concept.


“We were able to implement a loyalty program with Kaisers Tengelmann in 3 months thanks to DataLab´s professional support.”

Raimund Bau (CEO, So1 GmbH)

Project Example: Douglas


To create and implement a bonus points program, including a new, complimentary Douglas Beauty Card. The project´s aim was to strengthen the loyalty program´s alignment to meet the needs of customers, while embedding it in the company´s strategy via an innovative 1to1 communication concept.



DataLab has been assisting Parfümerie Douglas in the design and implementation of new loyalty and communication concepts since the beginning of 2016. This has included the implementation of important elements such as the IT infrastructure audit, the development of an analysis roadmap, the development of a multichannel customer communication strategy, employee training as well as the launch and POS communication.


“DataLab´s combination of extensive loyalty and analytics experience provided us with support during our largest strategic CRM project in 2016 and thus played a decisive role in the successful creation and implementation of the Douglas Beauty Card´s launch. The DataLab CRM experts have delivered pragmatic and creative approaches to solutions and have proved their flexibility in any situation, resulting in a very partnership-based collaboration. We look forward to further cooperation with the team. “

Cindy Groenke (CMO, Parfümerie Douglas GmbH)

June 2017