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What is DataLab Big Data Architectures about?

DataLab helps you to plan and implement your Big Data initiatives. Selecting the Big Data technology stack is an important part of the planning process. The challenge is not to lose track of a multitude of technologies, while finding the balance between a sharp, user-case-specific and a broader, more long-term approach.

Here are some questions that we encounter with our

Big Data projects. Let us help you to answer them:

Planning and implementation of your big data initiatives


What does DataLab Big Data Architectures offer?

We offer you an objective consultancy service, free from manufacturer bias and tailored to meet your requirements in the following areas:

  • Recommendation of a technology stack for the data storage and / or analysis layer of your Big Data solution
  • Evaluation of cloud solutions including break-even calculation
  • Determination of the optimum sizing with regard to memory and computing power
  • Perform the initial technical set-up
  • Operation of the Big Data solution
  • On-the-job training for employees

Think big – benefit from your data diversity


Who should use DataLab Big Data Architectures?

The DataLab consulting service for Big Data Architectures is suitable for your company, if …

  • you are just starting your Big Data program and need an overview and an evaluation of what Big Data technologies available.
  • you want to carry out a proof-of-concept for your Big Data initiative.
  • you need support while running your Big Data platform.
  • you already want to take into account the implementation of your applications during the Big Data Architecture planning phase.

“Distributed storage and computing technologies have existed for over ten years (the Hadoop 0.1.0 was released in April 2006), yet many companies still find it difficult to create add value from Big Data. “Big Data Architectures” describes our individual and holistic consulting approach that focuses on the implementation of your Big Data use cases. This is why we always consider factors such as your company´s “Big Data maturity” and the possibility of creating a quick and safe Proof-of-Value (PoV) for your Big Data use cases when assessing Big Data architectures. This enables us to provide an optimal solution for you, regardless of the vendor.”

Marius Demary

Head of Data Strategy & Analytics, DataLab. GmbH