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Lifestyle Segmentation: Understand your customers better. Align your assortment strategies with their needs.


Place the customer at the center of your business!

You need in-depth knowledge about who your customers really are to understand their buying behavior and increase efficiency and profitability levels.

A lifestyle segmentation based on shopping behavior is the fundamental key to precise and improved customer insight. It allows you to derive a wide range of customer-oriented measures for each customer phase; from improving the way you approach customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle to aligning your campaigns with purchasing interests.

Optimize your assortment strategies to make them customer-focused:
Which product lines or departments should be promoted in the future?
How can we design a customer-centric store?
Which brands would benefit from enhanced listing?

A lifestyle segmentation will answer these questions and more.

This customer-oriented realignment increases satisfaction, loyalty and longevity rates. These customers migrate less often and are happy to recommend you and your company to others.

Campaign Intelligence Tool (CIT)

Use your previous experience to plan efficient campaigns in the future!


The Campaign Intelligence Tool ensures a closed-loop and optimizes future campaign planning and design.

The Campaign Intelligence Tool, centralizes, summarizes and compares the results from previous campaigns with one another. An interactive dashboard with visuals of aggregated campaign results gives you invaluable insights for the design and planning of new campaigns.

The first step is to bring together and analyze your previous campaign results in a central database. These results are then evaluated and aggregated based on relevant KPIs (e.g. participation rates, profile per customer or additional revenue).

Interactive dashboards allow you to select relevant target dimensions and campaigns and to visualize the results. You can choose the optimal campaign parameters in relation to the relevant target KPI.

Use your previous experience to plan efficient campaigns in the future!

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Time saving

Time savings of up to 30% and a simplified campaign planning and design process based on an efficient use of previous experience.

Increase ROI

Increases campaign ROI by up to 40% and avoids sunk costs.

Overview of Results

Compressed overview of all past campaigns results in one place.

Dashboard Presentation

User-friendly and intuitive presentation in an interactive dashboard.

Campaign Optimization

Optimization of campaign planning and data-based predictability of results.

Self-Service Analytics

Enables self-service analytics and relieves the analysis team.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence lays the foundation for a culture of data-driven decision-making


Make successful decisions by optimizing your reporting to allow access to the insights hidden in your data.

​Every company retains a multitude of data with the potential to become valuable business insight.
Business Intelligence allows you to interpret this data to better understand your own company. It permits you to make fact-based strategic decisions.

Rather than generating a flood of information, we present targeted data for each customer group in an easily understandable way without losing data in the process. We support the identification and formulation of problems, the selection and definition of suitable KPIs and the implementation of automated processes for the calculation and presentation of these key indicators.

Predictive Modeling

Statistical predictions are more precise than ever – use them!

In predictive modeling, statistical methods are used to predict future events. These can be key corporate results, social trends, but also personal behavior. When predicting the latter, we refer to “scoring” where each person / customer is assigned an individual probability (a score) that a certain event (such as purchase, termination, inactivity, etc.) will occur. This is where your data and DataLab’s analytical expertise come into play. We can make precise predictions about the behavior of your customers using statistical models from time series analysis, machine learning algorithms, data mining methods and Bayesian methods.

DataLab’s service goes one step further.  Our offer includes the implementation of our services on your systems, combined with automatic updates of the models (self-learning algorithms). This guarantees permanently valid results.


Example: Predicting customer inactivity

1. Preparing transaction data

The starting point for the analysis is existing transaction data. This is supplemented by other data sources, some of which are customer-specific (e.g. cookie data), some of which are global (weather, seasonal campaigns, etc.).

2. Use of machine learning methods

A statistical model is “trained” based on past customer data. It allows the forecasting of future buying behavior and the prediction of inactivity.

3. Customer-specific churn probabilities

Customers with a high risk of termination or inactivity are identified and (appropriate) action is given. Success measurements are in turn incorporated into the statistical model.

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Marius Demary is Head of Data Strategy & Analytics at DataLab. As an expert in data strategy, he brings extensive knowledge in CRM analytics, statistical modelling and machine learning. Marius has already proven his skills in the successful implementation of analytical CRM projects. As our contact person for Customer Analytics, he plays a central role in the development and implementation of data strategies in order to gain valuable insights from customer data and actively translate them into business measures.


Jan Hendrik Seidel

Director of Analytics & IT and contact for DataLab Big Data Analytics, at DataLab. GmbH